Travelling with Children

Cuba is not always number one on peoples’ list for a family holiday but because Cubans adore children and have an ability to make them feel like the star of the show it is a delightful destination that can safely widen the whole family’s horizons.
One amazing way to approach Cuba through a child’s eyes is to get active. Horse-riding at a finca in Trinidad or Santiago; one-day or week long treks with wild sleeping in campesino houses; and who doesn’t love to ride around town in a vintage convertible?
There is also a host of less obvious pastimes that engage and harness Cuban’s innate desire to foster young talent. Relatively limited wifi and shopping opportunities create a rare space in which children can explore so much more. There are salsa and tango lessons, drumming, boxing and Ping-Pong, catamaran day trips or dolphin spectaculars. We especially love organising Spanish lessons and community project days as well as kids’ puppet shows and tickets to the baseball. Cuba has some of the best family beaches in the Caribbean and our Double Itineraries for families mean that we can arrange an engaging supervised schedule for children while parents explore their own journey of discovery.

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