In an era of sophisticated forecasting, digital maps and GPS, Cuban surfing is still a bit of a secret. With three and a half thousand miles of coastline it is a haven of untapped surf potential. Despite an awesome swell surfing is in its infancy in Cuba and the island has no surf shops and a paucity of boards. Cubans started surfing in the 1990s using home made body boards fashioned from plywood although these days they have boards brought in for them from abroad. If you want a surfing lesson (or indeed a kite surfing lesson) Cuba Private Travel can sort you out.
Havana’s seaside promenade has consistent surf from storms churning out of the Gulf of Mexico. Start out in Calle 70 in Havana, where there’s a reef break within striking distance of the Russian Embassy! Blocked from Atlantic wave action by the Bahamas, surfing in Cuba is mainly a winter affair, with the biggest swells on north-eastern coast. The eastern provinces of Holguín and Guantanamo have the best North Atlantic exposure. In Guantanamo, river-mouth point breaks like Rio Duaba in Baracoa, also one of our favourite island destinations, are getting a good reputation and you can be certain that you will never have to share the waves with any crowds.

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