Holiday Season

Christmas and Thanksgiving
Whether you want to celebrate with the whole family or are simply looking for a stunning sunny alternative to the festive season, at Cuba Private Travel we aim to strike the perfect balance.
Due to sixty years of communism the holiday season is not over exploited in Cuba and a traditional Catholic celebration in Havana’s Jesuit-built baroque style Cathedral offers an authentic and simply spiritual experience. The Nineteenth century writer Alejo Carpentier described the cathedral as ‘music set in stone.’
Although many Cubans do celebrate Christmas, it is easy to escape the festivities all together. The December climate is sunny and relatively mild and refreshing weather fronts coming in off the Gulf Stream chase away the usual tropical heat and humidity. Temperatures range from a comfortable 18 degrees C at night to a high of 27 degrees during the day and you can expect to bath in an average of eight hours of glorious sunlight. In our opinion this makes December one of the best months to enjoy an active Cuban break, immersing yourself in the country’s rich cultural mix of music, art, photograph and sports.

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