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Yes, you can! Travel to Cuba Independently and Legally!

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the United States Department of the Treasury in Washington DC has confirmed that individuals subject to United States jurisdiction may use a non-restricted hotel and/or a private residence when visiting the Republic of Cuba using the “Support for the Cuban People” authorized travel category.

It is all possible and entirely legal when you let us put together a completely tailormade itinerary for you that follows all the rules:

Meet artists, musicians, and dancers
Stay in beautiful unique private properties and 5-star luxury hotels
Enjoy great food and cocktails
Ride around in vintage cars, snorkel, fish, and dive
Dance Rumba and Reggaeton and listen to great music
Smoke real Cuban cigars with the local farmers
Get your nature fix with great trekking, cycling, and riding

Although group and cruise ship travel are suspended, for the time being, Cuba Private Travel has years of experience creating itineraries that fit the Support the Cuban people license, and, with a full schedule of flights from New York, Florida and Atlanta amongst others, now is the time to support the Cuban people when they most need it. Contact us today for a full legal itinerary.

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The best things to do in Cuba and our travel tips

The Cuba Private Travel team has access to the very best in Cuban art, music, literature, dance, environment, history and architecture as well as Cuba’s most outstanding beaches and accommodation. By listening to you, the independent traveller, we are able to create tailor-made travel itineraries for your vacation that take you to the heart of Cuba’s culture, landscape and people. Cuba Private Travel’s bespoke itineraries are fully U.S. Treasury Department compliant and include access to personal guides, experts, interpreters and, of course, a 24-hour concierge.