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Cuba Private Travel has more than fifteen years experience and a well-deserved reputation for being “the travel expert’s expert”.

In addition to hosting the world’s top travel writers and VIP agencies, Cuba Private Travel are specialists in providing bespoke private itineraries for travelers keen to explore the beating heart of Cuba, the island that we love more than words can say.

“The highlight of the trip was meeting people and forming personal relationships, we felt a deep cultural immersion and the opportunity to learn first-hand about the history and the current situation, it was beyond eye-opening.”

Why us?

Cuba Private Travel's purpose is to match guests' interests to the very best that the island has to offer, whether that means catching a glimpse of the future by meeting Cuba’s new and vibrantly modern creative talents, or seeking out seclusion in the country's stunning and pristine landscapes while taking a deep dive into a land of remarkable history and cultures. Every step of the way is supported by our outstanding concierge services and the country’s top specialists from the worlds of art and culture, architecture, music, sport, history, and ecology. Cuba Private Travel’s expertise informs, guides and entertains, creating journeys that inspire...


Any Cuban journey starts in Havana, the capital of the country and a stunning World Heritage site where cobbled streets lead to polished Baroque churches, castles and palaces. Along Havana’s seafront, the Malecon, salsa wafts from the rebooted sound systems of cruising vintage Cadillacs and Buicks.

Cuba Private Travel can arrange for you to meet the stars of the Cuban Ballet Company or network with artists during the city’s famous Art Biennial. There is always plenty to do in Havana, from sporting events to spontaneous street entertainment and Cuba’s exuberant nightlife.

Where to go in Cuba

Cuba is a country of full of contrasts; grand and modest; vibrant and peaceful; wild and elegant; multi-faceted and always thought-provoking. Wherever you travel you will find a wealth of history as well stunning landscapes richly blessed by spectacular flora and fauna. All roads are easy to navigate and you will quickly discover that they are used as much by horse and cart as by the internal combustion engine.

What to do in Cuba

Whether you want to be active, cycling, hiking, snorkelling, rock climbing and wild swimming in the pools of cascading rivers, or prefer to gently explore Cuba’s culture and history, Cuba Private Travel knows how to delve deeper into this fascinating country. Cubans are keen sports fans, favouring boxing, basketball, baseball and volleyball. Surfing, sailing and deep-sea fishing can all be arranged. Our role at Cuba Private Travel is to take you to the places that will inspire you the most.

“Our trip was a family holiday, taking in, among other stops, Havana, Camaguey, Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, and Viñales. It was everything we wanted from a family holiday; culture, history, activities, and relaxation. To be honest the best holiday we have ever had! Highlights: waterfall climbing and cave swimming with Alian, late night at the Santiago de Cuba carnival with Yenia, mountain hiking and cigar rolling with Duniel in Viñales and a tour of Havana in open-topped classic cars with Albert.”

Wild Cuba

Cuba is a world leader in sustainability and environmental protection, having preserved the island’s wild spaces consistently since Castro announced the country’s first reforestation programme way back in 1959. As a result, Wild Cuba is bountiful and Cuba Private Travel will help you to explore the diversity of the Country’s fourteen national parks and 1,000 square miles of protected marine environment.


Cuba offers a diverse range of accommodation from humble farmstead cabins to five star coastal luxury. Havana’s hotels are now a draw in their own right: from faded art deco grand dames and colonial boltholes to contemporary international chains pushing the boat out with cityscape innovation. For a more intimate experience, Casa Particulares are a chance to stay with local families and sample authentic Cuban life. Cuba Private Travel has exclusive access to the newly created private villa rental market, making it possible for guests to enjoy a private home-from-home in 1950s surroundings or water-front penthouses with views along Havana’s Malecon. Further afield, we seek out relaxing secret hideaways in Cuba’s most stunning locations.


The world’s leading travel writers have always helped to keep Cuba Private Travel on its toes, seeking out news stories and introducing Cuba to the world. However the global Covid pandemic limited everyones' travel plans and, when guests started to return to Cuba in 2021, the world’s top travel writers were quick to update their travel tips.

Personal reviews from our customers are a fantastic way of discovering the magical details that make trips to Cuba so memorable. From family experiences (yes, children love Cuba too) to first-hand feedback about accommodation and guides, we all benefit from listening to our guests.

“Thank you so much for organizing such an incredible trip. Everything was absolutely wonderful - your choice of accommodation, trips, restaurants, and guide. We have all completely fallen in love with Cuba.”

“We have all completely fallen in love with Cuba. The warmth of the people is staggering. The architecture is unbelievable. The scenery and wildlife are so varied and interesting.”


“We’re back home and still filled with lingering thoughts and wonderful memories of the trip to Cuba. Thank you so much for the privilege of experiencing Cuba with the help of your eye and the amazing guides and caring staff.”


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