Listening to customers' feedback helps us to understand that care and attention to detail gives guests the freedom to fully enjoy all the magical moments of discovery and enchantment that Cuba has to offer.


Yoyi pretty much answers emails and questions before you have sent them! Swift and helpful and very resourceful when it comes to getting around any problem. Also, as with all the staff, super friendly and relaxed. We loved spending time with Idalia, who was patient, organised and fun. We had a lovely few days with them and felt fully supported. The city tour was also a highlight for me.
Dorio was both wonderfully helpful and well-informed. His knowledge of Cuba as a whole and the areas we visited in general was first rate. He was also tremendous company while out on the road. My toddler daughter was at times extremely active on the journey - but none of that ever stopped him smiling. A pleasure.
The hotel in Havana was the perfect start to our holiday after a long flight from the UK. It rated very highly and the roof-top pool gave astonishing views of the old city. However, the casas we stayed in after were a joy. All very different in their own way, each provided welcoming stays, nice rooms and accommodating staff. All were, most importantly, superb with a toddler. Venales was wonderfully designed and laid out, the house in Trinidad was a pleasure and the penthouse in Havana was stunning.
In truth I had heard some poor reports about Cuban cuisine. I suspect they must have visited a long time ago or suffered a poor experience. We enjoyed a full range. Personally, the most interesting and surprising was Finca Tungasuk. The setting and quality of food will stay with me for a long time. The hammock, chickens, dogs and rabbits will stay with my daughter for a long time. I was also very impressed with the Paladar Los Mercaderes, Jesus Maria 20, El Cuajani, Laguna de Piedra and the risotto at La Marinera.


Thank you for organising such a fascinating trip for us all and for introducing us to such wonderful people – you certainly have a good team of guides and drivers working for you.
I realise we have only scratched the surface of what Cuba has to offer, but feel the trip you put together gave us a great taste of the wonderful things to do and see – I will certainly be recommending Cuba as a destination to friends, together with your company, for creating such an interesting and hassle-free tour.


Havana was amazing. The hotel was great and the guide and drivers were super. They were informative, nice, organized and so easy to be with.


Thank you, we had a great and interesting trip. Highlights were the city and art tour. Restaurants were all terrific.


Highlights: Havana – spectacular. The services of the guide without whom it would have been hard work.


We had a great time: Everything went smoothly and all your guys did a sterling job making the trip interesting, comfortable and fun.
(On guides) All of them of high quality with a lot of enthusiasm for their country and area of expertise, as well as impeccable English.


Overall we had an amazing time, it was a great time. Two of our kids said it was the “best trip we’ve ever taken.” The people are so nice and welcoming, the food is accessible, and there is so much to do that kids love. I would encourage families to go there.


Loved everything! You were right, having the car/driver 24 hours was the best thing! They felt so special all the time, being escorted into all the venues, restaurants, was so GREAT. The guide was vibrant and young and so professional and caring. They thought to have the Air-Conditioned Van was great. One restaurant they couldn’t stop talking about was the Paladar Doña Eutimia.


I thank you, Lydia and Alex, so very much for helping us understand and “enter” suavemente into such a complex and unique country. I had never experienced such a wonderfully interesting way of travelling! Amazing!
I am quite convinced that if I had discovered Cuba in any other way, the experienced guides, going to hidden small restaurants, without staying in comfortable and original hotels or guest houses, driving on the most dreadful roads I had ever seen, without meeting Valerie Hemingway who told us in such a natural and human way what her life had been living under the same roof as “Ernest” and working for him, or a friendly kiss from the English ambassador who opened his door to us in his very elegant house in La Habana and his mojito which we drank by the pool, mojito that made me quite drunk, but even that was lovely.
Without Peter and I walking up and down a steep and slippery mountain path to see where Fidel had had his headquarters, having to cross a river on a wobbly hand-made wooden bridge to go to a restaurant in Santo Domingo, without having good laughs with Alex who gave us all a good lesson on how to adopt a “zen attitude” when confronted with unexpected problems that were to be solved, without you Lydia who took time to explain the political, economic and social problems in Cuba along with Alex, or discovering the ”mysterious” Afro-Cuban world, entering houses from another century, without our small group with such interesting people, without the helpful presence whenever needed of all the people involved in the organization of our trip.
I’m thinking of Claudia, Yoyi, and the so very nice people who prepared our breakfast in the guest houses, the taxi drivers, and the people who helped us in the airport, (great moment because probably the first and last time I will ever be a VIP!) and without everything else I haven’t mentioned in this message, we wouldn’t have understood and appreciated a tenth of what Cuba is today!


Already it seems a light year ago since we were in Cuba.
We really had a fantastic time and loved everything we did. Cuba really exceeded our expectations and there is no doubt this was due to the beautiful places we stayed in, the great food we had, but mostly how well we were looked after, the places we saw and all the things we learned.
The programme you put together was fantastic and although we three old girls were a bit worried as to how we would cope we even surprised ourselves; even with Salsa dancing!
There is no doubt our experience would not have been what it was without our lovely guide Ali and our equally lovely driver Mario. Ali looked after us so well and he was such a charming, warm and fun loving guy. We learned so much from him as well as the other lovely guides we had. We really felt like Royalty being picked up and collected at all hours of the day and night and felt quite ‘alone’ when we finally went through customs at the airport and were left to our own devices.
We would certainly highly recommend your company to anyone travelling to Cuba and please pass on our very sincere thanks to Ali and Mario. Mario was not only an excellent driver he was such a gentleman and always had such a wonderful warm smile for us.

Many thanks


Our trip was a family holiday, taking in, among other stops, Havana, Camaguey, Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, and Viñales. It was everything we wanted from a family holiday; culture, history, activities, and relaxation. To be honest the best holiday we have ever had!
Thanks to Yoyi, every stage of our holiday was planned to the last detail with comfortable transport, restaurants booked for every night, and tours with activities available on most days. We still had plenty of free time to spend as we pleased. The accommodation was wonderfully varied; from family homes to private villas and hotels. All perfect.
A guide was on hand in every city to show us around. All were knowledgeable, entertaining and great company.
Highlights: waterfall climbing and cave swimming with Alian, late night at the Santiago de Cuba carnival with Yenia, mountain hiking and cigar rolling with Duniel in Viñales and a tour of Havana in open-topped classic cars with Albert(?).


As VIP treatment goes, by Cuba standards they did a beautiful job. They were there for us every step of the way. Wherever we wanted to go, whatever we wanted to do, they were accommodating. Thank you.


Our driver and guides were always on time and helpful. The Hemingway guided tour, the classic car tour and the personal meeting in Marta’s home were highlights of the trip! Thank you for all you did to arrange everything on our itinerary. We will remember Cuba always.


Overall, we were very happy with the trip. The house was exceptional. We loved it, very well kept and we loved having the pool and outdoor area to spend time in. The chef was great — and having a delicious home cooked breakfast was a real bonus.


I wanted to thank you for the amazing people to people exchange in Cuba! Your company and staff did a brilliant job!


Thank you so much for organizing such an incredible trip. Everything was absolutely wonderful — your choice of accommodation, trips, restaurants, and guide. We have all completely fallen in love with Cuba. The warmth of the people is staggering. The architecture is unbelievable. The scenery and wildlife are so varied and interesting. It has been difficult coming back to the US, where everyone has so much, but it all seems so worthless.


A seamless experience from start to finish.
Luxury private travel but with a cultural, local flavour.


I can’t thank you enough for the amazing trip you and your team put together for us in Cuba. My experience in Cuba was eye opening and I really fell in love with the country and the people.
I can’t wait to send more guests.


I have traveled to many places but few places have moved me as much as Cuba.


Cuba Private Travel took excellent care of our group in planning and arranging the itinerary. I was very impressed with the attention to detail.


We’re back home and still filled with lingering thoughts and wonderful memories of the trip to Cuba. Thank you so much for the privilege of experiencing Cuba with the help of your eye and the amazing guides and caring staff.