Our top ten places to go in Cuba, from Viñales in the West to Baracoa in the East, includes undiscovered gems like Holguin and popular destinations such as elegant Trinidad in the south.

Top 10 places to go in Cuba

There is plenty to explore when you step off the beaten track and enter a world where oxen plough the land, horse drawn carts replace trucks and history and nature are woven together to create a slower and more natural pace of life. But first Havana, the arrival point for anyone visiting the island of Cuba...


The chances are that Havana’s Malecon, where sea and city meet, will be your first visceral encounter with Cuba’s heart and soul. The sea wall symbolises so much about Cuba’s history and is often referenced in Cuban art. It is where children play, lovers meet and restored vintage cars cruise to a soundtrack of surf and salsa. Facing the sea, Havana’s once elegant buildings have been lovingly restored in the UNESCO heritage site of Havana Vieja, but there is so much more to experience - from music to sports, fine art to fine dining, the streets of Havana are where Cuban society meets and greets the wider world.

Cuba Private Travel’s bespoke itineraries will make the most of the country’s best events and special occasions. From Jazz Festivals and Havana’s Art Biennial to AfroCuban Santiera celebrations and major sporting tournaments we provide front row experiences and make sure you are always in the best place at just the right time.


Viñales, Pinar del Río

A beautiful Eden in the far West of Cuba, this is a popular weekend retreat where karst limestone peaks rise from fertile valley floors to create some of Cuba’s most memorable scenery, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Known for its tobacco plantations, it is also a great place for horse trekking, rock climbing, cycling and caving. The nearby beach of Cayo Levisa offers 3km of white sands and turquoise water.

Pinar del Río


A colonial gem on the central South coast, renowned for its seafood, Cienfuegos is a place to stroll. It is home to the beautiful Catedral de la Puraisima Concepcion and magical Botanical Gardens. Nature lovers can swim with dolphins, go horse riding or visit the remarkable flora of Laguna de Guanaroca-Punta Gavilanes Protected Area and Refuge. Just a couple of hours away Playa Girón is the gateway to the Ciénaga de Zapata National Park, one of the largest wetlands in the world.


Santa Clara, Villa Clara

Revolution central, this is the place to learn about Che Guevara’s life and works. It is also a great place to see how Cuba makes the most of its community projects, with the Compañía a la Sombra de un Ala, a children´s community project within an art gallery that is teaching theatre, music and dance to the country’s next generation of performers. You can sail from Cayo Esquivo or meet musicians from Piquete Melodías Antilanas, one of the Cuba´s last piquete groups - a street music style that combines waltzing and marching.

Villa Clara

Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus

Nestled in fertile hills above one of Cuba’s most beautiful beaches, Trinidad’s main square was once home to Spanish families whose wealth was generated by nearby sugar cane plantations. These architectually elegant homes offer hospitality for guests and the town has always had a good reputation for its cuisine. Enjoy salsa and rumba and explore the surrounding areas, especially nearby Topes de Collante Nature Park, which is a haven for bird watchers and plant lovers. Cycle to the coastal beaches or explore fishing with the locals.

Sancti Spíritus

Jardines del Rey, Ciego de Ávila

This archipelago, on the northern coast of Cuba, was made famous by Ernest Hemmingway. It is where you will find the best international levels of exclusive luxury at the Kempinski Hotel. The hotel Spa pampers body and soul and you will be able to swim from your suite in warm clear ocean waters before strolling the sandy shoreline to the hotel’s fabulous restaurant. Swim with dolphins, explore a diver’s paradise along pristine corals, kite surf the coastline, or drop anchor after a day of deep sea or fly fishing.