Why choose Cuba Private Travel?

Worry Free

We handle everything so you don’t have to – Flights / Visas / Entry Forms / Legal Paperwork / Currency and Insurance.


We offer the widest range of experiences throughout Cuba and can elevate each one to extraordinary levels. Visit the Hemingway home with Valerie Hemingway or wild camp on a remote beach; front row seats at the Santiago Carnival or dinner with a top diplomat to get an insider's view of this complex country... let your imagination run wild!

Personal to You

Everyone is different and we make sure we get to know you and create the Cuba trip that suits you and how you like to travel.

The Best...

  • Pricing
    Because we are based in country you cut out the middle man and gain access to the best pricing for accommodation, knowing that we have personally vetted where you will stay before you get there.
  • Transport
    From air-conditioned vintage cars to top of the range SUVs, Mercedes and even yachts - we can access it all.
  • Accommodation
    We know every house in the country because this is our home – whether you want a simple cabana on the beach or a luxury penthouse apartment with its own pool, we know how to find you the best options.
  • Culinary Experiences
    We regularly check the food scene in Cuba and can recommend the very best for ambiance or for fine dining, whether it’s the coolest street stall for churros or pan y lechon or dinner catered by a Michelin starred chef.
  • Guides
    Our guides are the best. Their professionalism and expertise will make each itinerary seem effortless as their fame opens all the doors for you.

It's All About People

Our system of providing expert guides for every experience means you benefit from our network to create your own mix of passionate people, memories, and connections.

Travel That Changes You

Cuba is unique in a world that is increasingly homogenised. Cubans are a people of solutions, generosity and humor, and it's infectious.

Volunteer, Donate and Make a Difference

Feel good about your vacation by choosing one of our many local projects to visit and support. If you feel like being more hands on, then we can arrange a day’s volunteering with local communities on projects that really make a difference.

Our services

Cuba Information Pack

We provide the most up-to-date information on money, health and local entertainment news so your trip is seamless.

Travel Documents

All Visa and legal support for your Cuban itinerary and passenger locator forms.

WIFI Access

We will give you a data package and SIM card to keep you connected as well as advising you on local locations of the new fast Wi-Fi services wherever you are.

Travel Insurance

We recommend and can purchase insurance to cover all your needs.

Concierge Service

Our flagship concierge service is second to none. We provide a completely personalized entertainment guide and access the very best seats wherever you go, whether its for a baseball match or the ballet.
Whatever you need, the answer is always yes.

Custom Itineraries for Groups and Individuals

From meeting local diplomats, writers and musicians to dinner and jazz in the home of a Grammy winning Cuban musician, all our itineraries are completely customised to suit your needs. Cooking classes and food tours with local chefs, including one with a Michelin star; shoot amazing images and videos in the best locations with local photographers and Instagrammers; get your groove on with salsa rumba reggaeton and Cuba beat stars; private as well as public performances by the best artists in Cuba.

Totally Legal and Supporting the Cuban people

The unique and personalized experiences available through Cuba Private Travel meet the highest requirements of support for local communities and people in need.

Why Us?