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Havana and Sailing Itinerary in Cuba.

The Perfect Combination Get to know the fantastic city of Havana with its centuries of faded beauty, music, dance, art, architecture… fill your eyes and your soul with its energy. Then head south and immerse yourself in the azure Caribbean sea whilst sailing in your own staffed private catamaran. This is the perfect city and sea adventure. Included Accommodation Private Transfers A personal guide Custom guided tours and activities. Restaurant Reservations and entry fees according…

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Havana + Varadero Luxury Itinerary

Havana, 5 nights / Varadero, 2 nights for a small group. Any Cuban journey must start in Havana. Her faded beauty is legendary; certainly this is hands down the most winsome city in the Caribbean and one of the top fie scrumptious Latin American honies. Explore in style the classic venues and deluxe experiences of this city, to later relaxed in the blue waters of the beautiful Varadero beach by the end of your journey.…

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An Introduction to Cuban Cinema

My introduction to Cuban cinema wasn’t in one of the old but glorious 1000 + seater cinemas in Havana. It was on a tiny tv on a Via Azul tourist bus to Trinidad de Cuba late February 1997. There, during my first trip to Cuba, I saw The Last Supper, by the celebrated director, Tomas Alea. Over the next few years I was to be treated to several other Cuban greats such as the classic,…

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Women and people of color empowerment in Cuba itinerary

Havana, 5 nights Any Cuban journey must start in Havana. In fact, her faded beauty is legendary; this is hands down the most winsome city in the Caribbean and one of the top five scrumptious Latin American honies. Certainly, the city’s and the island’s history has an African root that goes deep into the soul and culture of the country. The African legacy of resiliency is a strong component of Cuban’s idea of Faith; Afro…

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The 10 Best Things to do in Cuba

Often imagined as a small island, Cuba is a lot bigger in real life: 2,6 million people in Havana alone and 1250 Km long from East to West. Therefore this fantastic island offers endless unique experiences for avid travelers. Out of the over 500 experiences we have developed over the years, here are our 10 best things to do in Cuba on your luxury trip: 1- Flâner in the Old City of Havana (Habana Vieja).…

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