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Western Cuba: The perfect Itinerary

Hop into an open-top classic car and encounter Havana’s most notable landmarks. Engage with local artists and meet legendary plazas. Enjoy every puff when smoking a hand-rolled cigar, or release your adventurer instincts on a private horseback ride in Viñales Valley. Unleash your wanderlust desires in Topes de Collantes and experience the lifestyle of a highlander. Pay homage to Che Guevara by visiting his mausoleum in Santa Clara. Or share insights about a legendary battle in a gastronomic venue; where every sip of coffee is infused with the spirit of this city. An itinerary conceived to cater to the whims of travelers looking for customized trips enriched by culture, nature and adventure.

Day 1: Welcome to Havana

Check in at a boutique hotel with artistically restored rooms and a panoramic rooftop bar and restaurant ideal for indulgent farm-to-table cuisine. Alternatively, stay at a colonial house in the historical center of Old Havana that offers an intimate oasis of comfort and style. For a luxurious experience, check in at a 5-star hotel, offering 246 rooms, a top-floor spa, gym, and rooftop pool, as well as stunning views of the city. Another option is a small historic building that has been renovated with taste and attention to detail, showing a superb rooftop terrace. Don’t miss dining at Cinco Sentidos, one of the best restaurants in town, known for its special vibe and exceptional cuisine that will reveal your gourmet instincts.

Day 2: Unveiling the Charms of Colonial Havana

Immerse yourself in our history with the City Tour of Colonial Havana, exploring a UNESCO World Heritage Site and meeting iconic plazas. For amazing views, take the Panoramic City Tour in an open-top vintage car, knowing notable sites like the Almendares Forest, Cristóbal Colón Cemetery, and emblematic hotels. Then, discover the thriving artistic community in town with the Art Tour, visiting two studios and engaging with Cuban artists based on your interests. Lastly, enjoy dinner at El del Frente, a restaurant known for its excellent ceviche, tataki and exceptional drink selection.

Day 3: Immersing in Viñales – A Tobacco Journey and Horseback Adventure

Embark on a journey to Viñales, where you’ll dive deep into the world of tobacco. From seed to cigar, witness the entire process firsthand. Stroll through the lush countryside, immersing yourself in the traditional tobacco plantations and their oxen-ploughed fields. After that, visit drying houses and let a skilled tobacco farmer guide you in the art of rolling the perfect cigar. And, if you dare, indulge in the pleasure of smoking one yourself.

With January to March being the prime time to visit; be enchanted by the sight of flourishing plants, bustling workers, and aromatic tobacco. But the magic doesn’t end there. Saddle up for a horseback adventure through Viñales Valley, where fertile red soil and Mogote hills create a scene straight out of a dream. Lastly, taste the flavors of Spanish-influenced Cuban cuisine at the Chef Iván restaurant. Also, don’t forget to leave room for the palate-pleasing Cuatro Leches dessert!

Day 4: Journey from Viñales to Trinidad – A Cultural Exploration via Cienfuegos

Firstly, be transferred from Viñales to Trinidad via Cienfuegos, with a lunch stop included. Then, release your wanderlust on the Cienfuegos City Tour and witness a park, a theater and a palace considered architectural icons. Upon reaching Trinidad, take in the bliss of a colonial-style house surrounded by a lush garden overlooking the remnants of a colonial fort. Alternatively, experience luxury accommodations blending cultural heritage and modern comfort. Another exceptional choice is a globetrotter’s haven, nestled in Trinidad’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed historic center. Step into San José, a restaurant that wins both locals and tourists’ goodwill with its innovative Cuban-fusion cuisine.

Day 5: Exploring Topes de Collantes – Nature, Culture, and Sunset Bliss

Experience a customized trip to Topes de Collantes, a hot spot of biodiversity in the Escambray Mountains. Discover the secrets of this natural park; as you venture on a guided walk, encountering exotic flora and fauna along the way. Later, immerse yourself in the mountain farmer lifestyle as you visit a local rural home. Have a refreshing dip in a natural cave’s pool, rejuvenating your senses with its crystal-clear waters.

As the sun begins to descend, retreat to The Grill; a serene location where you can bask in the beauty of Trinidad from the tranquil shores of Playa Ancón. For those seeking a more secluded place, go further along the coast to a charming Ranchón, where you can savor a mojito while appreciating the hues of a magical sunset. As night falls, try a culinary experience at La Esquina 373; a downtown restaurant known for its fusion of Cuban and international dishes.

Day 6 to Day 8: Journey to Santa Clara and Varadero – History, Revolution, and Seaside Luxury

Continue your journey to Santa Clara, a city renowned for its rich history and pivotal role in the Cuban Revolution. Then, explore the bustling streets on a bespoke city tour, visiting iconic landmarks like the Tren Blindado, Parque Vidal, La Caridad Theater and the legendary Che Guevara Mausoleum in Che Guevara Square. Delve into the revolutionary past while enjoying a light lunch at the remarkable Café Museo Revolución; where every sip of coffee is infused with the spirit of Santa Clara.

Then, go to the Blue Beach, where three first-class accommodations in Varadero await. Experience the timeless allure of a 5-star hotel, where picturesque bridges and flourishing greenery create an idyllic oceanfront retreat. Alternatively, revel in the boutique luxury of a beachfront haven that seamlessly blends 1940s architecture with breathtaking sea views. Later, for a perfect escape, check into an architectural masterpiece resembling a blooming flower; offering an array of amenities and proximity to the Plaza América Convention Center and Varadero Golf Club.

Day 8: Until Next Time

Private transfer from Varadero to José Martí Airport (with basic English-speaking driver)

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