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Havana and Cayo Guillermo Luxury Itinerary

Havana, 3 nights/ Cayo Guillermo, 4 nights Get to know the fantastic city of Havana with its centuries of faded beauty, music, dance, art, architecture… fill your eyes and your soul with its energy. And then, like Hemingway used to, find your way to Cayo Guillermo, Playa Pilar. Hemingway’s favorite spot whenever he sailed in that area of the northern shores of the island. Enjoy Kempinski’s hospitality all along the way. We offer a complete…

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Why Cuba Private Travel? More than ten reasons to experience Cuba with us

Cuba Private Travel has been creating bespoke Cuba holiday experiences for years. Why should you choose us over the rest? Here we list the many ways that experiencing Cuba with us makes for extraordinary adventures as we illustrate how the Cuba trips, we offer cannot be even remotely compared to what you may find elsewhere.

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