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Top Tips on how to take a safe vacation in Cuba in the time of COVID

Time needed: 1 day and 1 hour.

Cuba has one of the lowest infection rates in the world of COVID 19 and one of the highest recovery rates. Encouraging the population to wear masks, wash hands frequently, socially distance, has helped achieve this remarkable result. Here we offer some tips on how you can travel to Cuba and have a safe vacation.

We break down your trip into 3 parts. Preparation for travel. Your Travel day and flight and your time in Cuba. By adopting the most stringent hygiene practices and careful preparation, you should have a safe journey. You can be relaxed knowing that Cuba´s providers are also taking the same cautious approach to your biosecurity.

Continuosly practicing these habits as many times as you can. We believe you will have the best possible chance contracting the illness. And if you are unlucky enough to do so then you will be prepared physically to overcome it. You will also be in a country with the highest medical quality and a holistic approach to treatment with proven success.

  1. Preparing your safe vacation

    Pre – Trip make sure you are familiar with any quarantine rules for your home country. Do you have any health issues? Know that you will: a) be able to get home, and b) be ready with medicines and insurance coverage should your stay have to be extended. Additionally, reinforce your immune system by taking a course of vitamin C and getting plenty of sleep.

    Bring along a test
    If you have had the virus, then we believe it is useful to have your test results in hand. If you have undergone a recent test for the virus and it is negative, this is a helpful backup. There may be a tests on arrival, please be ready for this eventuality.

  2. Day of Travel and Flight

    At Cuba Private Travel, we believe in erring on the side of caution. So get a family member or someone you can vouch for to take you to the airport. If you do need a taxi, then wash down the door handles and any other touch areas with sanitizer. Ride with the window open. Invest in a good quality mask for the flight and wear gloves.
    The airport itself will be the most dangerous area. So we advise investing in the fast track to reduce contact with other people. Is a good idea wearing protective clothing throughout. Self check in and use wet wipes to clean any documents or cards you might have had to hand over.  Be vigilant when using bathrooms and use sanitizer or wash hands frequently. Purchase any food and drinks you may wish to have on board now and thereby reduce any further risks inflight.

    On the Plane
    Embark as late as you can. Also invest in a premium seat if you can afford it. Keep the air vents on full flow and of course sanitize your entire seat area. Window seat back row would reduce exposure to coughing from behind. Wear mask throughout. Keep in contact with others to a minimum. The air on planes is refreshed every few minutes, therefore the flight itself is probably one of the safest elements of your trip.

    Disembarking in Havana?
    You will be met at the plane door by Airport VIP service, who will handle your passports and luggage. They will hand these to our staff as you enter the arrivals hall. Then we will wash down the luggage and advise you to do the same with your documents. In the VIP room, be vigilant and wash hands frequently. Try not to touch any high contact areas. A temperature check may be required on arrival, which the VIP team will handle sensitively.

  3. Once you depart the airport and begin your trip

    We advise booking accommodation that is low-density or if you can buy out the entire property. Accordingly we have a host of 1,  2, and 3 bedroom homes and villas. These are ideal, both in the cities, colonial towns, also in the countryside. If not, we recommend one of our boutique properties or the Kempinski Hotel. Their White Glove Hygiene protocols are to the highest international standards. In fact operating now in select hotels in the far east. On arrival, your concierge team will go through the protocols in place. We will make sure you are clear on what is expected of you. You will receive our free antiviral pack of mask, gloves and sanitizer, all produced by locals and 100 % sustainable.alameda suites

Broadly the in-Country Hygiene standards fall into the following categories

  • Health and Hygiene
  • Social Distancing
  • Cleanliness and Sanitation
  • Touchless and Limited-Contact Services
  • Communication

The above categories are now the industry standard for consideration by visitors. All of our providers, including guides, drivers, accommodations, restaurants and entertainment outlets, are fully trained on all these aspects. We will meet the hygiene standards required by each client no matter how stringent. Forbes magazine best explains these elements.

Cuba – An Island where you can Relax and have a safe vacation

Infection numbers in Cuba are now in the low digits daily. It is useful to remember that Cuba has one of the lowest density tourist numbers in the world. The majority of our less than 3 million visitors are package tourists who go directly to the beaches. A significant part is the Cubans returning home to visit family, which leaves a tiny percentage to tourists (less than 300 thousand). 

Occupation levels in luxury hotels and boutique properties are routinely less than 50 percent. An island nation with a relatively low population size for its landmass means there are lots of chances to rent camper vans and buy out remote accommodation. For those who want the safety and solitude of complete wilderness experiences. We can offer fully serviced wild camping and yacht/catamarans that are fully prepared for the luxury market.  

Cuba tries successfully to defeat the coronavirus and thus enabled the country to be a bio-safe destination with low-density tourism. The hygiene protocols suggested by industry leaders such as Forbes Travel Team are already in place in properties like the Kempinski Havana and Beach hotels. Cuba Private Travel will guarantee the same hygiene standards across its supply chain to make sure your trip to Cuba is amongst the safest in the world.