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Cuba’s Cayo Saetia, the only place in the Caribbean for an African safari

Cayo Saetia, a blessed little islet off the coast of Holguin is the wildest place in Cuba and the only in the Caribbean where you can enjoy an African safari experience. From free-roaming ostriches, zebras and antelopes to superbly preserved forested lands and a rich underwater world, this is our guide to discovering the most unexpected of Cuban places.

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Discover the truly enchanted town of Baracoa – Cuba’s first settlement

Ever since the 15th Century, many a traveller has been seduced by Cuba’s numerous charms. Whether it’s the island’s stunning natural visual beauty, the simultaneously dilapidated but still gleaming streets of Havana, or even just the refreshing candidness of the inhabitants, the people lucky enough to have visited these shores often vow to return.
What is certain, is that Cuba can offer holidaymakers everything they could possibly seek. All over the island there are different types of holiday aimed at people searching for history and culture, carefree mojito-induced fun, or even strenuous physical adventure. But, flung over on the far Eastern side of the island in Cuba’s first established city, you can find all these things in one place: Baracoa.

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Adventure Holidays in Cuba – Rock Climbing in Viñales

As a holiday destination, the captivating island of Cuba caters for a wide range of holidaymaker. If you are seeking a mixture of action, adventure, and a real work-out for your core muscles, then rock climbing in some of Cuba’s most beautiful, unspoilt but challenging landscapes may just be the ticket for you.

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