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Finca Vista Hermosa – a wholly organic, rural experience a stone’s throw from Havana’s bustling city centre

You don’t have to venture beyond Havana to enjoy a rural experience in a countryside setting where you can sample fresh organic food and take in the most glorious views. Finca Vista Hermosa in Bacuranao, found within the little-trodden municipality of Guanabacoa, is a fresh of breath air for those seeking a drastic change of scenery and a respite from Havana’s hubbub.

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Cuba’s Cayo Saetia, the only place in the Caribbean for an African safari

Cayo Saetia, a blessed little islet off the coast of Holguin is the wildest place in Cuba and the only in the Caribbean where you can enjoy an African safari experience. From free-roaming ostriches, zebras and antelopes to superbly preserved forested lands and a rich underwater world, this is our guide to discovering the most unexpected of Cuban places.

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Finca Tungasuk: a million mile stone’s throw from Havana

Finca Tungasuk, an organic farm on the outskirts of Havana, offers its clientele a level of relaxation and quality of food that’s hard to compare with other Cuban establishments. The proprietors provide a totally organically produced menu straight from their farm, and when the ingredients are prepared by a chef who was professionally trained in Paris, the results are sumptuous and unique.

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