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The 10 Best Things to do in Cuba

Often imagined as a small island, Cuba is a lot bigger in real life: 2,6 million people in Havana alone and 1250 Km long from East to West. Therefore this fantastic island offers endless unique experiences for avid travelers. Out of the over 500 experiences we have developed over the years, here are our 10 best things to do in Cuba on your luxury trip:

1- Flâner in the Old City of Havana (Habana Vieja).

Every corner hides a wonder, a way of life far from what we usually see these days. The old city is always crowded with Cubans on the move; dominoes by the sidewalk; the most bizarre variety of vehicles; dusted architectural gems showing centuries of architectural history;  children playing baseball in the streets, and every visual end in a deep blue sky or the sea—one city, a thousand paths, from a two-hour to whole day tailor-made experience.

2- Vintage car sunset ride along the Malecon.

The car rides smoothly along the seafront. On one hand, you have the stunning city (Old Havana, Centro Habana, Vedado); on the other hand, the endless blue with a deep orange sky as a background. By doing this, you will certainly understand that Cuban time has a different meaning: taking the time to take it all in.

3- Visit Viñales tobacco farms and see the abundant unique landscapes of this valley.

Tobacco farming is a way of life with its architecture (royal palm tree made drying houses) oxen are still more common than tractors. The father, the son, and the grandson have cultivated the same land. Therefore they pass on the secret to grow the best tobacco leave such as Cohibas, Romeo, and Juliet, Montecristo making remarkable brands. The valley is a natural paradise to boot. Experience it first-hand either on a day trip from Havana; o r by staying in one of the beautiful boutique hideaways in that area.

4- Private Cigar – Rum tasting in the gardens of the Hotel Nacional.

Cigars and rum are two of the largest and most significant traditions on the island. Whilst meeting a Cubano specialist on these two is cool; doing so in a cool, relaxed place such as the garden of Hotel Nacional, this is the ultimate private tailor-made experience. Embark in a journey through brands and strength, tastes, shapes, the ritual of lighting and smoking a cigar, and how to find the best rum to pair with it.

5- Back to the land at Finca Tungasuk

Farmers working on Finca la Lima.

Understand what farming in Cuba means and enjoy a fresh 0 km meal with typical vegetables, fruits, and roots. Go further out and explore beyond the tropical forest in the surroundings, refresh in a nearby river—the best way to pleasantly brake a trip between Havana and Pinar del Rio; meanwhile you get in a mood closer to wild Cuba.

6- Dance the night away in Trinidad

Dance the night away in Trinidad

You have to visit Trinidad and see the colonial beauty and all that jazz. But after dinner, you have head to the main square and dance the night away with live Cuban Traditional music. There, under the stars, adding some Cancháncharas (Trinidad’s signature cocktail) coming your way; truly enchanting village!

7- Sailing in Jardines de la Reina archipielago

Sailing in Jardines de la Reina archipielago is the best thing to do in Cuba sea.

For those who love the sea and the beauty that lies beneath, here is one of Cuba’s biggest natural Parks. Cuba is surrounded by the Gulf Stream, “the big blue river,” as Hemingway called it. Therefore you can see here all the beautiful species that swim in the stream, together with the unique endemic sea specimens of Cuba. #Sailing, #snorkeling, #diving, #coralreef, #freshfish, #virginkeys, #whitesands, #fishing… All possible hashtags can’t cover the beauty of this experience.

8- Visit Baracoa

Beautiful views of Baracoa

Baracoa is a small town with an extraordinary soul. In deed that soul is beautifully wrapped in nature. The Alejandro de Humboldt national park next to it is the definition of wild with endemic species, unique to this area; with rivers like in no other part of the island and whimsically shaped mountains. Historically isolated by geography, their inhabitants have a recipe book of their own, mainly based on coconut and seafood.

9- Cayo Saetía Safari

Cayo Saetia the best place for an african safari.

I’m sure it will shock anyone. Cuba’s best kept secrets are in the East. Cayo Saetía is one of them, located in the province of Holquín. Is the home to camels, zebras, buffalo, antelopes, ostriches, and deer that were given as gifts to Fidel by the government of Mozambique. All living together with the native macaws, iguanas, and jutías. Hardly visited by tourists, you can find this incredible safari while in the Caribbean.

10- Music in Santiago de Cuba

Music in Santiago de Cuba

Finally, we all love the Buenavista Social Club and its charismatic singers. The roots of the music that captivated us are in the indomitable city of Santiago de Cuba. In Casa de la Trova, the carnival, during the Fiesta del Fuego Festival, any time of the year, is great to be pleasantly overwhelmed by the strength of Santiagos music as well as it’s dance. Land of mountains, voodoo, and revolution; it is the cradle of Cuban music.

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